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Hot Process soap Making

Learn how to make your own soap with the Hot saponification Process this workshop offered by our Herbalist and master soap maker .. 

With this workshop, you will leave with all the necessary notions to be able to make your own homemade soaps!   

The beginning segment of the  course is measuring and starting your product, then we will get into more theory-oriented such as ingredients, the method, the security measures, the boring but necessary stuff.  The second portion focuses on Hands on soaping!  

Each person leaves their  confections of soap (Olive oil and Shea butter),  personalize with the with herbs for color and  scent.  Annual workshops are limited!   

The workshop includes: ​ 

  • Material and PPE (protective personal equipment), needed to make during the course (goggles, ingredients, utensils, etc.) to use during the workshop only.

  • Personal Soap  (value of $ 30-35)


Note: Please wear long sleeves, pants and comfortable shoes.


  • Where: 230 rt Principale, Riviere-Eternite, Saguenay, Quebec.

  • Duration: 3h-4h, Restriction: 16 years old and over.

  • 2 people minimum (you and your friend), maximum 4;

Your 3rd person will give you 10% discount and your 4th person will give you + 30% discount for your personal workshop

EX: you and your friend = 100 + 100

You and 2 friends = 90 + 100 + 100

You and 3 friends = 60 + 100 + 100 + 100

  • 25%  deposit to book your place required.

  • Cancellations: No refunds 3days before the workshop .  You have until 72 hours before the day of the workshop to cancel your presence: the value of your workshop will be given back to you in credit on the Boutique.

  • Cancellations made 24 hours  before the start of the workshop will be credited at 50% of the value of the workshop.  And cancellations made inside 24 will be perceived as absences no credit, no  refund.

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