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We are Martin and Ness, and we found a little paradise in Rivière-Eternité in 2013, in which we live in semi-self-sufficiency. With our 15 gardens, we collect and dry our medicinal plants, our boreal herbs, and wild plants.

We harvest edible flowers, the majority of which we use to make our soaps , cosmetics, scrubs and products.

handcrafted. Watch our video:

Natural and Renewable products

We use greases, vegetable or animal oils, such as shea butter , coconut oil / olive oil, castor oil, beeswax and bear fat.

We minimize waste as much as possible, and always make sure to recycle. We want to offer quality, effective and affordable products for everyone. We have chosen to use renewable and natural products, including clay, cocoa, seeds, macerated plant extracts, and mineral pigments.


We are pleased to share our knowledge with people who come around our area or who take our soap courses , as well as by hosting Workaway several times a year.

Come meet us and discover the riches of our natural domain between the months of July to October.


Martin & Ness



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We have seasonal "boxes", they can be gifts, for wedding anniversary, birthday gifts, mothers day, graduations and "from-me2me" because sometimes we just need a box of happy-Ness for ourselves.


This line offers bear fat items that are AMAZING for relieving aches and pains. Native Americans use it to grow hair.


Our creams & scrubs are exceptional for dry or combination skin. They penetrate deep into the skin, are super hydrating and nourishing.


Discover the diversity of our products, such as cream, exfoliators and shampoos. and more...