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Workshop- Savonnerie Au
Blueberry Country


Making Natural soap

You can visit our workshop or make handmade soap at home.

  As well as natural cosmetics, such as: face oils, massage oils, creams and ointments.

  The workshops are offered in season and at your residence only.






Our extras !!

We have started a blog , take a look at our publications or subscribe to our mailing list . We are pleased to share our knowledge, passion and time pass with people who come for a free guided tour of the area.

Come meet us and discover the riches of our natural domain between the months of July to October.


Martin & Ness

Natural Raw products

We use honey, hydrosol made on site, fats, vegetable or animal oils, such as coconut, shea butter, olive, castor oil, beeswax, bear fat and wild boar.


We minimize waste as much as possible, and always make sure to recycle . We want to offer quality, effective and affordable products for everyone. We have chosen to use renewable and natural products, including clay, cocoa, seeds, macerated plant extracts, and mineral pigments.



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