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Soaps & Eco-shampoo -
Bleuberry country Soap Shop

We offer a wide range of soaps, each with different properties (click on each to know their benefits).

All our soaps are also moisturizing because they contain shea butter as well as vegetable glycerin.



Face Soap Choose the heart shaped soaps for your face!


Loofah soap Loofah is an exfoliant for the body. It is a dried earth cucumber (sponge) that we produce ourselves in our garden and that we cut to include it in the soap in order to give you an exfoliating effect.


Use soap regularly like normal soap.


Solid shampoo with included ecological conditioner, zero waste, excellent alternative to liquid shampoo! Amazing as a stocking garnish for Christmas !, or for your friend or eco-friendly traveler.
1 bar of shampoo will replace 3 regular bottles, 1 of liquid shampoo, 1 of liquid conditioner and 1 liquid gel soap.

They last 50 to 70 washes, they are small, easy to transport and maintenance-free, they save money as well as space. They are durable and 100% natural. Perfect to use as a body wash while traveling too!


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