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Soap for intimate party. We women have a million things to think about: did I send that check?, when is my hair appointment?, did I feed the dog?, are the kids juices organic?. ..


To help you reduce the load we have created a vaginal soap (45g) -PH balanced- so that you do not have to worry about balancing your intimacies!!!, remember that having a high vaginal pH exposes you to infections ( REF 1) like bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a bacterial overgrowth that causes a strong "fishy smell" as well as an unusual gray/white or yellow discharge.

It could also lead to itching or warming during urination, Please note that a little discharge is normal (REF 2).


Many studies (Ref 3), show that the best “vaginal fluid pH value of 4-4.5 or less signifies the absence of vaginitis, while a pH value of more than 4.5 indicates vaginitis. and bacterial vaginosis (BV). However, with trichomonas vaginalis infection, the pH value can be increased to 6.5 or more”.


Note that this information is not intended to replace medical advice, do your own research and/or seek medical advice.


REF: 1.-

Pink Kitty Feminine soap

  • Washing normally, it is important to clean the vulva (the outer part of the genitals) and the area around it to prevent infections as well as irritation.

    Adopt easy hygiene habits that you can follow, including wearing breathable cotton underwear and wiping yourself FRONT to BACK .

    Be careful do not put soap inside the vagina The products are for external use only.

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