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Micellar waters are hydrosols and facial refreshers that help eliminate excess sebum, sweat and impurities from your skin; With essential oils, they are soothing, energizing or refreshing according to your choice, they have a sweet and awesome smell, are perfect to spray on the body and the face (avoid the eyes). (distill on our domain). Not suitable for heavy makeup.


  1. To remove makeup including foundation, eye makeup, and mascara try our Face Makeup Remover Soap. Use Geranium for Mosquito.






Hydrosol - Monarda Didyma

  • Facial cleanser, facial mist: For best results, shake the bottle, keep face at arm's length, eyes closed, spray once. Repeat as needed. Or spray once on the cotton ball, use cotton ball to refresh the face.

    Facial mask liquid: mix the clay, addictive and the hydrosol to make a spreadable paste.

    Bath addiction: add hydrosol to bath water for an amazing aroma.

    Hair / foot care: For best results, shake bottle, close eyes and spray onto hair/feet. Repeat the operation if necessary 

    meditation/prayer mist: shake the bottle, close your eyes and spray.

    Car Dehusifier and Calming Mist:  shake the bottle, close your eyes and spray.

    Replacement in recipes:Replace water with hydrosol in personal care recipes.

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