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Home made "better- butter"

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

So hubby and I are always wondering around the state right now is winter, we entertain our selves by clearing snow, cutting wood, planting indoors for the summer-gardens,sewing, canning the last years fruit harvests that are frozen at the moment. Most groceries shopping are done once a month, we love the peace and quiet. We enjoy using whatever we gt on hand to get by, this help us to reduce waste, re-invent and innovate from time to time.

Our life style is simple and we do not require much to be happy and for-filled....

Yesterday we run out of butter, so looking into our "go-to-cooking book", I found my recipe from a vegetarian work-away who had showed me how to make "veggie-butter" , Her original recipe call for a lot of fancy ingredients, but as we like to simplify things our version can be made with regular pantry ingredients.

This better-butter is so nice and flexible, you can add any spice to make it really special, my hubby lovvvveeess garlic-flowers, is delish.

Real butter is fat from the milk that has been separated by agitation, ( if you leave heavy cream on the counter for 5hr in a mason jar, then mix it up and down for 10-15 min, you will get butter).

Our Better-Butter is more a cream than fat, is healthier and can be salted, spiced, or leave as is, I have not substituted better-butter in a baking recipe. ( maybe next post). The ingredients you choose will have an effect n the flavor f the better-butter you end up with, so have fun.

Better-Butter ingredients:

Phase A:

1/4 c of liquid ( milk, coconut milk,oats milk, water, soy milk, almond milk, potato milk)

1/2 tsp vinegar or lemon

2 tsp lecithin or tapioca starch or gelatin or 1 egg yolk.

1/2 tsp salt (optional, but better taste)

Phase B:

1/2 solid lipid ( coconut oil or tallow or Crisco grease)

3 tbs liquid lipid ( olive-oil or sunflower-oil or veggie-oil or safflower-oil)

Phase C: optional

1/2 tsp spices ( turmeric, coriander, garlic powder or onion powder or a combination or fresh herbs chopped) Yummmm

(see I told you is like

making a cream)


-1 m size bowl

-1 L Bowl for ice cold water or snow (optional)

-Bain-marie or microwave

-Whisk or electric blender

-Container with lid


-1 tsp, 1 tbs


1.- In a medium size stainless steal bowl

combine phase A, let sit 3-5 min

2.- In another m bowl mix phase B, bain-marie until JUST melted and not too hot.

3.- using a whisk or electric blender add phase B (oils) to phase A (liquids ) mixing until combine 2-3 min.

4.- put mixture in fridge to cool for 3-5 min ( I use a large bowl of snow, and rest my better-butter bowl on top, it cools way faster).

5.- take cooled bowl and continue to mix with whisk until a whipped-cream like consistency.

6.- add phase C (spices if using), mix untill all convined. Try a little butter, ( this is what your butter will taste like), ajust spices and salt to taste.

7.- Transfer better-butter to a container with a lid, ENJOY, refrigerate, use with in 2 weeks. It Can be frozen for up to 1 month if using lecithin in the recipe. Buy lecithin is worth it.

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