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How to fill your feeders with bird tallow-seed-seed feeders

You wake up in the morning with a beautiful bird song and think, how do you feel amazing?, we do it every day, that's why a few years ago we started to think how we could help birds and pollinators, Here at the soap factory in the land of blueberries, we understand that the life of birds is particularly difficult in the winter months; There are quite a few different species that remain for the hardest parts of the cold. We might not be ready to dig into fat balls, but our beautiful birds are surely in need. Fat (sweet) can make the difference between surviving the winter or not.

Seeds and fat are a nourishing source to help them get through the worst. We are bird lovers and would like to create nutritious food mixes for these brave birds. We love listening to them all year round and maybe you do too if that's the case here's a recipe to help you help the birds around you. It's actually pretty easy and a great project to do with the kids because it's messy and fun, we make ours in winter, so it takes 5-10 min to do. If you're hesitant to know why doing them here are some solid reasons (we think)

These is why we make this treats: It costs a few pennies. Provide lean winter food for birds. It's fun It's easy and quick to do Will help the birds get to the summer months. Attract colorful birds to your garden. And instead of buying it, it makes you much l ess plastic tothrow in the trash. The materials needed: A 2 litre wide container to mix a round plastic container works well here. a spoon to mix r your hands (fun to do with kids). a measuring cup plastic/saran-wrap pieces or a flat square container. Scissors. Sunlight or bain-marie (doble boiler) or microwave

This recipe will make 3 x 300g square tallow-grain foods. Ingredients: 200g Corn meal 300g tallow 100g peanut butter or tallow 400gr bird seeds or animal feed mixture (sunflower seeds, chopped dried apples, blueberries, peanuts, cereals, seeds, cranberries, etc.). or anything that starts to get old in your pantry.

Here are the Steps: 1.-Prepare the line of containers with the plastic or containers you have. 2.-In the large bowl heat the pendant tallow 25 min in full sun, or 45 seconds in the microwave, until it is soft enough to squeeze. 3.-Add dried fruit, cereals and corn flour to tallow. 4.-Using the spoon to mix all the ingredients or using your hand is so fun. 5.- Fill the containers let them cool pendant a few hours in the refrigerator or in winter outside for 5-10 min. 6.- Remove plastic wrap from the tallow-grain block.

7.- Place it in the tallow feeder (if you don't have a feeder you can tie a rope around the block to hang it or leave it in the container, the birds are smart they will eat it anyway.

Once the feeders are full and ready to hang,

place them at least 5 feet from the ground and in the shade. Fat remains solid at room temperature, but at warmer temperatures or in direct sunlight, it can become soft and rancid faster (depending on the fat you used).

An ideal place to hang a tallow feeder is in a tree branch, especially for insect-eating birds like woodpeckers, or in the middle of a field or large garden for wild birds like blue jays. Now that you know how easily you can make these simple tallow feeders with everything you have on hand, you can help us get through the winter, it will cost less than buying and will make all the difference for the little birds. Thank you and stay clean!!

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