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Home made hand sanitizer (WHO) formula

Every year we say "happy new years, make a list of things to accomplished hope for a better year and make resolutions that we will not follow. The year 2020 is truly a life changing year, the world has change and our lifes as we knew them will never be the same.

Hygiene is primordial washing hands instead of shaking hands or giving a hug is standard, but in the absence of soap and water, hand sanitizer with a minimum of 70% alcohol in the end result will do, until you can wash your hands.

Here is the Formula given by the World Health Organization (WHO). The recipe has been scaled down for home use. Also in cups but if you are like me the second will be the best in grams.

Preperation : 5-7 min

Ingredients in Cup and TBS

  • 1 cup 99% Isopropyl alcohol

  • 1 tablespoon 3% hydrogen peroxide

  • 1 teaspoon glycerin

  • Water to fill to 1 +1/3 c

Here is my recipe and the Ingredients in grams

  • 182 gr of 99% Isopropyl alcohol

  • 15 gr of 3% hydrogen peroxide

  • 5 gr glycerin

  • 55 gr water or Aloe gel

  • Essential oil (optional).

the total weight will be 320 gr


  • 2-cup glass pirex.

  • 1 funnel, 1 whisk

  • small bottles travelling size

  • labels

How to mix :

  • Add the alcohol, peroxide and glycerine into the 2-cup glass pirex. Then add enough water or aloe gel to it. Add 1 drop of Essential oil. Mix well with the whisk.

  • Use the funnel to pour the sanitizer into small easy to use -travel-size- bottles and label. I use a spray bottle for convenience.

Label bottles . Use as needed.

This bottle last a very long time. Take care and stay safe.

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